2 Festivals * 2 Nights
(Fri 7/20/18 & Sat 7/21/18)

The Four Horsemen

Bringing the sound and sights of METALLICA to you like no other!

Get Ready to Rock!

Dean Ford and the Beautiful Ones

The Beautiful Ones are New England's premier PRINCE tribute band. Dressed 2 the 9's, Dean Ford embodies PRINCE with every fiber of his being, giving you a show as close as you will ever get to the real thing. Ford and company perform all the hits you know and love, including the “Purple Rain” album in its entirety. But, it's more than just the songs. He's got the look, the moves, and the sounds down jaw-droppingly well. So well, you'll forget it's only a tribute.


Get Your Guns

If there was ever a band to authentically duplicate the
look,sound and feel of a Guns N’ Rose’s show.....'Get Your Guns'  is undeniably, the definitive Guns N’ Roses tribute. From the incredible reproduction of the music to the same raw attitude on stage, 'Get Your Guns' truly recaptures the aura that made GN’R famous.

Rock On!​​

Halfway to Hell

A tribute to AC/DC featuring two vocalists, one covering Bon Scott and one covering Brian Johnson

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Gates at 5pm.
Music 6p-10:30pm

Everyday People

Come re experience the sound, look and vibe of one of the funkiest bands on earth !!

EVERYDAY PEOPLE is a nostalgic look at the 70’s, and in particular the music of Sly Stone or Sylvester Stewart. Sly’s music as well as his band was unique and innovative, one might say ahead of his time. Today you can still hear the influence Sly had on music by listening to artists such us: Prince, Bootsie Collins, John Legend and Michael Jackson, just to name a few. EVERYDAY PEOPLE will take you back in both sight and sound, so you can relive the genius of Sly’s music. Performing songs like: Stand, Take You Higher, Everybody is a Star, Family Affair, Dance to The Music and many more. Even today, there are some who still hold the opinion that Sly and the Family Stone was the greatest band ever assembled.

Now THIS is funky!



Kiss the Sky - Re-experience

WORLD'S GREATEST JIMI HENDRIX TRIBUTE Through meticulous detailed re-productions in every aspect of look and sound in re-creating Jimi Hendrix’s most classic concerts & landmark stage show performances, KISS THE SKY boldly presents the world’s most historically accurate Jimi Hendrix tribute show EVER!

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